Writing for suckmytrend.com

Since November 2012 I have been writing articles for an upcoming and rapidly expanding internet trend website called Suck My Trend, after attending an event for start-up businesses at Christ Church University in Canterbury with my girlfriend. 

We had only been told of this event earlier in the day by my girlfriend's sister but thought why not go along to discover more about what it takes to make it big.

At that point, I knew nothing of Suck My Trend. Coincidentally though I had been saying earlier that day that it would be an amazing job to be a writer either for a magazine, website or newspaper, as this is something I have always enjoyed doing. I guess I would say it is one of my strengths as well, although no one likes a bragger! 

At this event though one of those speaking was internet entrepreneur  Ashley Harding-Pearson, the recent founder and editor in chief of Suck My Trend. The first thing that grabbed my attention, and probably yours, is the name, but that is the point. The website 'does exactly what it says on the tin' as it literally sucks in all the latest and greatest trends across the web. If you are interested in what is happening right now on the web and in the news, and you want short, snappy and informative articles then this is the site for you. 

Ashley talked about how he had come up with the idea, what steps he had taken so far, the successes he has had with the site and hinted at what the future could hold. By this point, I was already interested and planned to check out the site when I got home. He also asked though if anyone was interested in writing for them. It seemed like a perfect opportunity as I had already talked about my writing ambitions earlier in the day. 

To begin with, I wasn't exactly sure what my first article should be about so I was admittedly a tad cautious in getting started, but since then I have written 36 articles and have had close to 1500 views. I am really enjoying writing and the challenge of trying to discover the next big thing which will get huge numbers of views for the site.

The site is going from strength to strength with 2,267,319 views at the time of writing this and is expanding with many things planned in the coming months including an app for smartphones to make mobile reading easier.

Although I already knew that there is a mass of weird and wonderful information on the net, when you are searching in order to write articles it is astonishing what kind of odd news stories can be found. It is also hit and miss as to what people will be interested in and read about. Justin Bieber was definitely a much bigger hit than an article I wrote recently about David Cameron, sorry Prime Minister!


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