Hi everyone! If you've reached this page then I guess you want to learn a little more about me.

Well, first off you may have guessed that my name is Simon, and I'm the guy behind the WhatsSimonSaying brand. I started this blog to talk about travel and lifestyle and the causes and things I'm passionate about. I love to try and promote positivity throughout the world, by helping to inspire others to enjoy amazing travel destinations, advice on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by promoting worthy causes.

I believe that travel is one of the best things anyone can do in life, as it literally expands your horizons, opening your eyes and mind to new cultures, experiences and places. I hope that through my blog posts, photos and videos I can help inspire you to really appreciate what an amazing world we live in. I enjoy writing, photography and filmmaking, fitness, eating delicious (vegan) food and drinking copious amounts of coffee!

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