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5 Top Tips to Help You Travel More Sustainably

For a growing segment of the global population, being able to experience new places and see different parts of the world is becoming one of the most popular pastimes. For several decades the travel and tourism industry has experienced rapid growth across the world, and this trend is predicted to continue increasing as greater numbers of people in different countries are becoming more financially able to explore. A strong example of this has been the upwardly mobile Chinese middle class and this is likely to be replicated in other growing middle class segments of the world population such as in India and the Middle East.
There are a number of different possible benefits brought about by this trend, such as an increasing sense of interconnection between different nationalities and groups of people, that in turn has lead to higher levels of trust and peace. As well as this, travel and tourism now amounts to a significant proportion of global employment and is can create greater prosperity…


"Dreams, why do you come and go so easy
But disappear without trace when we next see?
Awake again you are like a distant memory
And are moments away from ceasing to be."
"Whereas a dream can feel so real
You could almost reach out and touch or feel
Once awake you will struggle to remember
But the dream is quickly lost forever."
"Is there a reason why you exist
And if so why don't you persist?
Stick around for just a while longer
For the dreamer to reflect and ponder."
In fact perhaps best you depart
So each day can be a fresh start.
No use trying to make a dream last
People live better if they're not stuck in the past."

A question I had about dreams when I work up this morning and whether they are good or bad. This led to the poem about them. Feel free to leave comments below.


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