"Dreams, why do you come and go so easy
But disappear without a trace when we next see?
Awake again you are like a distant memory
And are moments away from ceasing to be."
"Whereas a dream can feel so real
You could almost reach out and touch or feel
Once awake you will struggle to remember
But the dream is quickly lost forever."
"Is there a reason why you exist
And if so why don't you persist?
Stick around for just a while longer
For the dreamer to reflect and ponder."
In fact, perhaps best you depart
So each day can be a fresh start.
No use trying to make a dream last
People live better if they're not stuck in the past."

A question I had about dreams when I work up this morning and whether they are good or bad. This led to the poem about them. Feel free to leave comments below.


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