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How to Easily Get the Best Out of Your Next Holiday

It is probably stating the obvious, but most people love to take holidays. They plan them months or even a year or more in advance, then dream about them and anticipate their getaway as the time gets nearer and nearer. This is totally understandable, as unfortunately many people are not always doing the job that they love, or even worse, they downright hate their work.
Holidays are a way to escape from the norm and are the perfect opportunity to forget about the humdrum boredom of normal day to day life such as the daily commute, sitting in a miserable office for eight hours, dealing with workplace politics and having to the listen to the same monotonous conversations with colleagues.

Even if you truly love your work and are generally enjoying life, a vacation to see and experience somewhere new is never a bad thing. The very best jobs can become stressful from time to time, so getting away is a chance to reset, free your mind from worry and also de-stress.

In fact, there are a number o…

What's Simon Saying is now on Bloglovin

My blog has been a little neglected lately and is in need of a boost, and +Bloglovin seems like the perfect way to get back in the blogging game. What's Simon Saying is now on Bloglovin as I aim to write a lot more on here in the coming days, weeks, months and maybe even years.

Hope I can see you all back here regularly as I update on photos, holidays, news and anything else I feel may be of interest to you all. 

Happy Blogging 


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