Summer finally arrives in the UK

The news that everyone in the UK has been waiting for, summer has finally arrived and with a heatwave no less!

Here in the UK, we have a rather strange relationship with the weather. It is something we always seem able to talk about, but very rarely are we pleased by it. This is one of those rare occasions when we can both talk about the weather and be happy about it. It is rather cliched to say it but when the sun comes out people just seem to be happier. It lifts the spirits which everyone needs right now with all those nasty government cuts and job losses.

Apparently, we are set for at least two weeks of hot, sunny weather, which will rival other parts of Europe and tourist destinations abroad. This is rather annoying for some people who are just about to go abroad hoping to get some sun, but then again at least they will be on holiday! 

Hopefully, the good weather will last throughout the summer, and we can continue talking about how great it is! Here's to the barbecue summer that we are often promised but rarely get. Enjoy!
simonturkas' Spring/Summer 2013 photoset simonturkas' Spring/Summer 2013 photoset


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