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How to Easily Get the Best Out of Your Next Holiday

It is probably stating the obvious, but most people love to take holidays. They plan them months or even a year or more in advance, then dream about them and anticipate their getaway as the time gets nearer and nearer. This is totally understandable, as unfortunately many people are not always doing the job that they love, or even worse, they downright hate their work.
Holidays are a way to escape from the norm and are the perfect opportunity to forget about the humdrum boredom of normal day to day life such as the daily commute, sitting in a miserable office for eight hours, dealing with workplace politics and having to the listen to the same monotonous conversations with colleagues.

Even if you truly love your work and are generally enjoying life, a vacation to see and experience somewhere new is never a bad thing. The very best jobs can become stressful from time to time, so getting away is a chance to reset, free your mind from worry and also de-stress.

In fact, there are a number o…

The Incredibly Inspiring Story of Ross Capicchioni

The web is full of interesting and entertaining videos and stories but every once in a while you can find something truly amazing. This video shows the incredibly inspiring story of Ross Capicchioni who was once just a normal teenager, but at 17-years-old had his whole life changed in one shocking moment.

This is an amazing story that shows both the worst and best sides of humanity. Although what happened to Ross was horrible it is how he coped with it and came out the other side stronger that will hopefully motivate and inspire anyone who sees this video.

I´m sure every one of us, myself included, has at some point moaned about something that we find annoying. We often make a big deal out of the smallest things. I was getting frustrated the other day at how slow my laptop was while I was trying to write a blog post. A story like what happened to Ross though, really put most other things into perspective!

As Ross says at the end he is now thankful for what he´s got rather than what he hasn´t, a message I think we could all try to live by.

Let me know if you found this inspiring.


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