Make It Count

You only live once.
Make every moment count.
Every passing minute is another moment to turn it all around.
You´ve probably heard all of these phrases and countless other similar ones. They all mean more or less the same thing: we have a finite time on this planet and should make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We should embrace the fact that we only live once, and try to do as many things as we want to do rather than living with regrets when we get older.

This video was made by the hugely talented and creative Casey Neistat, a YouTube filmmaker who is gaining greater and greater recognition for his entertaining work. He started making shorts videos on YouTube years before it was fashionable, and now he has legions of fans.
This particular video is his most popular and was posted just under two years ago on the site. It has had close to 11 million views clearly showing that a lot of people want to make a change and do something different!
While you might be thinking it is easier said than done to make big life-enhancing changes, with many constraints such as money, these things don´t have to be big. This isn´t really the point of the video or all those phrases I mentioned earlier, you just need to make small positive changes in your life to enhance your happiness and those around you.
Turn off the TV and go explore, visit family more often, meet up with your friends, donate money or time to charity, study something new, apply for other jobs, make a video, ask out that cute girl or guy you have a crush on. Whatever you want to do but keep putting off for whatever reason, just do it rather than procrastinating, and you will feel better. Most of all try to ...
Make It Count!  


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