Learning Spanish In 2013 - Two Week Progress

As I wrote in my article New Year’s Resolutions – Learn A New Language In 2013 | Suck My Trend it is the goal of many people to learn a new language for many reasons. What better time to begin to work towards this goal than at the start of the new year. This is exactly what I am aiming to achieve this year.

Although I learnt Spanish for four years back in Secondary School, I can honestly say that I only remember the very basics. I would really love to speak Spanish with confidence and fluency though and have decided to really give this a real try this year. We are two weeks into 2013 and so far so good, I am actually sticking to this resolution.

As my article stated there are many different methods that can be used to improve and enhance the learning of a new language. I am trying a number of different approaches. 

I am listening to Spanish radio online with lots of Spanish music, I will try and watch as many (decent) Spanish language films as possible, I have been learning online with the excellent www.duolingo.com, and then putting my Spanish speaking into practice with my girlfriend. I know it is never easy learning a language and it definitely takes effort, but then it is often the things that take the most effort that are the most rewarding. 

Good luck to anyone learning a new language and with all your New Year's Resolutions in general!

Adios y buena suerte!


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