Spectacular Sunrise in Costa Teguise

I arrived in Costa Teguise at around 8am this morning, to start training for a job in a hotel. It was good because I had kindly been given a lift there, so didn't have to spend money on the bus. The only problem: I wasn't due to begin training until 9:15am. 

This could have been quite annoying as almost everything was closed, and all was quiet in the town. As usual, though, the weather in Lanzarote didn't let me down, and I was in time to see a spectacular sunrise by the beach.


The sea was calm, there was barely any wind, and it was very tranquil walking along the seafront. It is mid-October, but even at that time the temperature was perfect and there were people, as joggers passing me by, and others even swimming. 

After reading that snow is soon to descend on the UK, with a severe winter due, I know where I would rather be, especially with views like this!


Have you ever been to Lanzarote? Where would you recommend to go on the island? Any suggestions would be great as I'm still exploring!


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