Why You Should Read the Brilliant "A Street Cat Named Bob"!

"A Street Cat Named Bob" is a fantastic, uplifting and life-affirming tale of friendship and overcoming adversity. The story is made even better due to it being fact rather than fiction.
James Bowen had been living and busking on the often unfriendly, and dangerous streets of London for years. Although he now had a flat, he was still living a lonely existence. All that changed though when he found or rather was found by a striking ginger tomcat who he subsequently named Bob.

This book is about how James and Bob in a way saved each other. It is a book about hope and the importance of looking out for each other. The overwhelming message is that of positivity, but it doesn´t shy away from the harsh reality of life on the streets. Bowen describes a variety of unsettling situations that happened to him both before and during his life with Bob.
One of the most important aspects of this book is the portrayal of a busker´s life, including what led Bowen to be in that situation and the daily adversities he faced. The fact that so many people are forced to live in this way in a supposedly developed country is a complete injustice. It is almost as if they become invisible. Unfortunately, too many of us are guilty of this; we simply walk on by, losing a bit of our humanity every time we do.

The reality is that in this day and age, and with the amount of money within Britain, there should not be people forced to live in this way. While there are though we should acknowledge them as fellow humans rather than turning a blind eye.
Despite the problems highlighted, the story of Bowen and Bob´s friendship can´t help but bring a smile to your face. It is completely accessible and manages to vividly describe situations without reverting to pretentious language. It is a real page-turner, and I urge anyone who loves cats or likes a good story of bravery to read this book. Don´t just walk on by, give "A Street Cat Named Bob" a try!

If you want to keep up to date with James and Bob´s story check out their Twitter page: @StreetCatBob


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