6 Reasons You Should Follow Me On Social Media

Wow, it's been too long! I'm back though and 2016 is going to be a big year, I will make sure of that. I'm feeling more motivated and have already hit the ground running; in fact, I have actually got into running quite a bit. I haven't run a marathon yet or anything but that could be the next step. So far I've managed 10km without any breaks about four times so far, so surely marathon success shouldn't be too difficult, right?! 

On top of that, I'm going to work as hard as possible as getting my blog/video/photography content out there. Work hard, play hard after all! I want you to all join me on my journey during this year so here are 6 reasons to follow me on social media:

1. I've been told my photography is pretty good

Just out of reach

I absolutely love taking photographs, especially when I'm travelling or visiting new places. Sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, beautiful skies, interesting people, and amazing architecture are just some of the things that inspire my photography. I regularly post my photos on social media such as Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, so you can keep up to date with them if you follow me.

2. I love to connect and converse with interesting people like you!

Meeting new people can be one of the most rewarding, interesting and positive parts of life. I love to encounter new ideas and cultures that challenge my own way of thinking and forces me to grow as a person. By surrounding yourself with the same group of friends, family and work colleagues, with the same conversations and debates, the mind stagnates. 

Social media such as Twitter and my blog has allowed me to connect with the world which would have been impossible just a couple of decades ago. If you are looking for some interesting conversation, and to perhaps challenge your own way of thinking then don't hesitate to tweet or message me.

3. I regularly share, retweet and comment on other people's great content

I love photography, film making and blogging, but I would never claim to be one of the best. There is a whole world of amazing content online, from some incredibly creative people. To me that is one of the best things about the internet; that I can experience all this amazing content absolutely free, from creative people willing to share it with the world. 

If you connect with me on social media just for the fact that I will be more likely to see your work, I will be much more likely to your share content. I have over 20,000 followers on Twitter now, so my audience is fairly big!

4. You can follow along with my adventures

As well as photography, I'm really starting to get into filming videos which I will be aiming to post on a much more regular basis on my YouTube channel. This includes timelapse videos, stunning landscapes and sunsets, and my vlogs which I started a couple of months ago. Here was the last one I posted which for a complete amateur, wasn't that bad haha.

5. Keep up to date with all my latest blog posts

If you read this post up until this point then you must enjoy my writing, or just be really bored! If you follow me on all my social media channels then you can keep up to date with my latest blog posts which I will be writing and posting a lot more regularly.

 I lost a bit of momentum at the end of last year but exercising, being back in the sun, and the prospect of an amazing year has motivated me to tap away at these keys again and put words to screen. The most difficult part is getting started but like anything that is worth doing in life, the rewards will outweigh the effort you put in!

6. I post positive and motivational messages

We've all had those less than perfect moments in life, and these can bring you down at times. In fact, last year started pretty badly for me so if you're feeling down I know exactly how you feel. More often than not though, it is a change of thinking we need to get us out of a bad situation. 

On social media, I like to promote positive and motivational quotes, photos and videos. So if you like any of these follow me, and I'll probably follow you back :) Thanks for reading my post, and it would be great to see you on my social media channels (links below)!


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