4 Inspirational Travel Vloggers Well Worth Your Time

If you love to travel, or even the idea of travelling, then YouTube is an amazing source of inspiration for tips about incredible places to visit, things to do when you get there and countless other useful and interesting factors related to exploring the world.

From a very young age, I've had an insatiable urge to explore and see as much of the world as I could, and I know many of you do too!

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with over a billion users and hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every single day!

Many of these are from travel vloggers exploring their country or the wider world, providing amazing content to inspire you to get out there and have some awesome adventures of your own. With so many channels to choose from though and only limited time each day, which travel vloggers are worth spending your precious time with?

Louis John Cole aka FunForLouis 

Louis is possibly the ultimate travel vlogger on YouTube, having seemingly visited almost every country in the world. His daily vlogs are engaging, funny and inspirational with a positive and uplifting message. 

Rather than focusing on luxury travel, Louis likes to show his viewers amazing adventures you can have on an affordable budget and also helps to promote more sustainable travel. Everywhere he goes he likes to interact with locals and get involved in the authentic way that they live, rather than travelling like a tourist. 

Louis' first video on his FunForLouis channel was uploaded almost four years ago back in December 2012 and his channel now has a staggering 1,872,559 and 237,978,169 views! Clearly, people are getting a lot of enjoyment out of watching Louis having fun around the world. 

I, along with his thousands of other fans love the positive message that Louis projects throughout his videos from the upbeat welcome at the beginning right through to the end where he closes each video with "Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure".

Ben Brown aka Mr Ben Brown

If you are looking for some epic travel inspiration then you definitely need to check out Ben's awesome channel on YouTube where you will find his daily travel vlogs which not only show incredible global locations but are also shot with amazing visual flair and skill. 

His vlogs are full of positive energy, with Ben having a great outlook on life in terms of sustainability, ethical values and veganism. As well as his daily vlogs he also has a series of videos called Visual Vibes which are truly works of art such as his latest video: 

Ben uses GoPro's, DSLR cameras, vlogging cameras, 360 cameras and drones to really add to the visual vibes of his videos and edits these all together with some of the best music you will hear in vlogs to create vlogs that will always leave you wanting more like a great TV show. He began his channel back in 2008 when he was into competitive kayaking so some of the earliest videos on his channel show his kayak training and racing. 

Things have changed completely in Ben's life and channel since then though and he has amassed 630,192 subscribers and 105,233,498 views which I'm sure you'll agree is epic! Ben's videos begin in an upbeat, friendly way and end with his humorous and positive catchphrase: "Remember to work hard, be nice to people, and try not to get lost or killed. OK love you, bye."

Ashley Renne aka Travel Lushes

Louis and Ben are of course already huge YouTube personalities, so thousands of you already know about them and how great their channels are, but there are also many great smaller YouTube vlog channels out there that you should definitely check out. One of these is Renne's channel, Travel Lushes which has some fantastic videos.

I find a great way to find out about YouTube channels that aren't as well-known as people like Ben and Louis, is via other social media channels. I connected with Renne on Twitter fairly recently while browsing through travel tweets and noticed she has a YouTube channel. I already loved watching travel vlogs so I thought why not give her channel a try, and I was not disappointed!

As I hope you'll agree, Renee's videos are really well put together and seem like they were made for a professional television show. It is clear the effort and time that she puts into her videos. 

They also have some excellent tips on travelling which are really useful for those looking for their next adventure such as how you can fly for free using points and how you can enjoy a sustainable eco-trip. 

I'm very much into sustainability and travelling in a way that preserves or even improves a local area, rather than destroying it so I really like the channel's like Renne's that offer this positive travel perspective. She is also a natural presenter with an engaging and friendly style. Her channel has had over 50,000 views but she deserves a lot more! 

Nadine Sykora aka Hey Nadine

Nadine is a natural in front of the camera and you can see this in her vlogs which are full of positive energy, quirky humour and excellent viewer engagement. On her travel channel Hey Nadine, she uploads videos twice a week to help inspire would-be travellers and instil a sense of wanderlust in those wondering whether to head out on an adventure. 

Her videos include travel vlogs, travel destinations, travel tips, comedy videos and life vlogs. There is a great mix here to keep viewers entertained and tuning in for Nadine's next video.
Since joining YouTube about 10 years, Nadine's channel now has 282,121 subscribers and 35,705,574 views! Clearly, there are a lot of people tuning in to get travel tips and advice and see Nadine's great presenting style.

I also like the fact that Nadine offers excellent advice for vegan travellers, as while this can sometimes prove to be tricky, with the right advice it is definitely achievable to have a happy vegan holiday! 

Now for a cheeky plug ;-)

Simon Turkas aka WhatsSimonSaying

My love of travel has grown from a number of different factors. I was lucky enough to be taken on some amazing family holidays when I was younger including to Zimbabwe, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, France and Italy.
The city of Canterbury where I grew up is not a bad place and well worth a visit, but I've undoubtedly been spoilt more than a little in terms of life experiences, so ducks and pigeons in a Canterbury park never really felt the same after seeing elephants in Africa, dolphins in Australia or monkeys in Malaysia!
Added to this, I'm part Italian/Ukrainian on my dad's side of the family so almost every year we went to visit my family in the south of Italy. Travel is in my blood! Then there's also the diet of television I grew up on showing amazing places all over the world which I knew one day I wanted to see and experience. Then ten years ago YouTube came along and the rest is history! 

Now I'm not saying I'm in the same league as any of the vloggers I've mentioned, but along with writing blog posts and posting on social media about my travels, I also like to make short vlogs and travel videos which you can check out on my channel WhatsSimonSaying.
Writing this post has definitely inspired me to start making videos again, now I just need to head off travelling again!
If you want to connect with me on social media then add me and please share this post if you enjoyed it. If you've got any comments then be sure to leave them below or send me a message on social media:


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