Apply to the 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Exchange' for an Amazing Experience

If you are living within the European Union and are thinking of starting your own business, or have recently done so, then this could be the perfect solution for you. There is an excellent initiative run by the EU called 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs' aimed at facilitating and encouraging entrepreneurship.

This is done by connecting those either starting a new business or who have recently started one, with established owners in order to create a mutual benefit for both from working together. Not only this, but it allows those starting out to work with an experienced business owner in another country within the EU, thus also creating an excellent cross-cultural exchange and opportunity to live and work abroad, with all the added benefits that this can bring.

In essence, this is similar to the concept of an internship, however, there is one vital difference which makes it so much more useful and accessible to many more new entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, with many internships that are advertised, the training and experience provided may be good on paper for the potential interns, but they, unfortunately, remain prohibitive.

This is due to them being either unpaid or only offering a very basic allowance such as a small amount of money for meals and transport. Because of this, only those who have a stable financial background, such as family that is willing to support them during their internship are able to take advantage of many typical internships.

The 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs' program is very different from this because, for a set period of time, the new business founder is provided with a generous allowance each month which with sensible budgeting is easily enough to cover rent, transport, food, and bills. In essence, this means the time spent with the established business owner will be covered financially for a set period of time by the European Union.

The new entrepreneur can then concentrate on improving their skills, assisting the business owner they have been assigned to and building their own business. By contrast, during a regular internship, the intern may also need to work another job and cannot spend as much time developing their skills or building their business.

The established business owner will also benefit substantially from this program as the idea is for a mutual exchange of skills. Rather than paying the new entrepreneur who goes to work with them; instead the idea is for both parties to learn from each other.

The established business owner can offer expertise gained through years of experience and the new business owner can provide new ideas and energy. Because of the funding provided by the program, money doesn't become an issue.

I am currently taking part in the 'Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs' program in Tenerife with Tenerife Magazine and its owner John Beckley. My goal during this scheme has been to continue to build upon my previous experience of working as a copywriter and social media manager within the field of travel and tourism. 

During my time at Tenerife Magazine, I am working as the writer and editor which has involved writing and editing articles, managing the TM social media accounts and publishing photos, videos and social updates.

I have also been involved in networking and helping to expand the TM brand by connecting with new potential clients. TM is very much centred around fun, high energy and promoting all the amazing experiences that can be had within Tenerife.

Overall this has been an excellent experience so far that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to start their own business, or who has recently started one but is looking to gain new skills from someone with who has an established business and relevant skills.

The application process can take some time, however, it is definitely worth it because if you can show how both you and your host can benefit from this process you will gain an incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills and business potential. This experience has both inspired me and given me a huge amount of motivation for my future with Tenerife Magazine and with my own company! 

For more information about this program, take a look at the website: and connect with them on social media: 


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