Why Italy is the Dream Destination You Need to Truly Experience

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life”
Anna Akhmatova.

Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, enchanting and magical destinations in not only Europe but the entire world. It is no wonder therefore that it has consistently ranked in the top ten most visited countries, including last year when it ranked at number 5 in terms of international tourist arrivals (World Tourism Organization). 

Italy is regularly noted by travellers, writers, photographers, foodies, directors and people from almost every other walk of life as one of their favourite countries, and one you have to visit at least once in your life. Unlike some other popular places that have one or two strong selling points, but little in terms of well-rounded appeal, Italy is one of those rare destinations that truly excels in so many different areas. This is one of the enduring reasons why it is so well-loved by such a huge variety of people; it really has something for everyone!

It is a country that is rich in cultural, historical and architectural delights; there is food and drink to die for, landscapes and natural beauty that look so unbelievably stunning that you have to pinch yourself to check you’re not dreaming, and a whole host of other incredible features that really make Italy stand out from the crowd.

In the late 12th century, at least one hundred tower dotted the town’s skyline, but today only twenty have survived the ravages of fire, warfare and lightning. The Garisenda and degli Asinelli Tower are the traditional the symbol of Bologna . --- . Alla fine del 12 ° secolo, almeno un centinaio di torri punteggiava l'orizzonte della città, ma oggi solo venti sono sopravvissute alle devastazioni di incendi, guerre e fulmini. La Garisenda e la Torre degli Asinelli sono il simbolo di Bologna . --- . 👉Special thanks to 👑 @ypsylon_ 👑 . --- . 👉Tag your pics with 🌟 #ilikeitaly 🌟 . --- . #inemiliaromagna . --- . #bologna #theprettycities #browsingitaly #click_italy #discoveritaly #framesofitaly #great_captures_italia #italy #italia #ig_europa #ig_europe #loves_italia #instaitalia #igworldclub #loves_united_italia #igersitalia #yallersitalia #volgoitalia #whatitalyis #yallersemiliaromagna #vscoitaly #vsco #italiagram #loves_italia #living_europe #rsa_architecture #finditliveit #moodygrams
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Italians themselves are generally considered some of the most friendly and welcoming people in the world, with a real zest and passion for life. This is reflected in their music, movies, cuisine, architecture and linguistic flair.

While French is often described as the language of love, Italian is certainly not far off in terms of its romance. It is a language that has enchanted countless international visitors, many of whom have a sudden urge to try and learn how to understand and speak it themselves. The sound of Italian has often been described as similar to singing, and by most measures, it is the language most closely connected to Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. 

Rome and the Holy See (including the Vatican and the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls) make up one of the 53 Italian sites inserted in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The historic center, hemmed in by the Aurelian walls (to the left of the River Tiber) and the Janiculum walls (to the right of the Tiber), contains 25,000 environmental and archaeological points of interest. . See more in the link in bio . --- . Roma e la Santa Sede (tra cui il Vaticano e la Basilica di San Paolo fuori le mura) sono uno degli attuali 53 siti italiani inseriti nella lista del patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO. Il centro storico, circondato dalle mura aureliane (a sinistra del fiume Tevere) e dalle mura del Gianicolo (a destra del Tevere), contiene 25.000 punti di interesse ambientale e archeologico. . Leggi di più nel link della bio . --- . 👉Special thanks to👑 @andris.demjen 👑 . --- . 👉Tag your pics with 🌟 #ilikeitaly 🌟 . --- . #lazioisme #rome #italia #italian #italy #igersitalia #italiainunoscatto #whatitalyis #italien #instaitalia #loves_italia #volgoitalia #browsingitaly #click_italy #discoveritaly #framesofitaly #gf_italy #great_captures_italia #ig_italy #ig_italia #unesco #iloveitaly #igersitalia #yallerslazio #yallersitalia #eurotrip #huntgram #beautifulmatters #iamatraveler
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The Roman Empire was, without doubt, one of the greatest and most important periods of human history with a great many innovations, some of which still have an influence on today’s world. The Roman Empire originated and grew from the city of Rome which later became Italy’s incredible capital city, following the founding of the modern-day country in 1861.

While Rome has, of course, developed and changed in many respects in the centuries since the Roman empire, there are so many historical landmarks and buildings still standing there today, that exploring the city can feel like wandering around the world’s biggest, most fascinating museum! 

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This is not to say that Italy’s breathtaking historical architecture and incredible landmarks are consigned to the capital city, you can find these delights all over the country. This is one of the many factors that make Italy such a great place to explore, especially if you enjoy taking photos, making videos or learning about Italy’s fascinating past which ultimately shaped much of Europe, during the time of the Roman Empire.

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Unlike many other towns and cities across other European destinations which sadly have become fairly generic due to the spread of globalization and mass American chains, Italian villages, towns and cities have managed to retain so much more of their historical and cultural charm.

This is not to say that you won’t find a McDonald’s or other such chains in Italy, but overall the influence of these brands is considerably smaller. Across the country, you will find traditional and independent cafes, bars and restaurants serving some of the best food and drink in the world.

It is no wonder that Italian food and drink staples such as pizza, pasta, cappuccino and wine are some of the most globally popular. What you will realise when you visit Italy for the first time though, is that the Italian food you may have been consuming outside of Italy is not a patch on what you will find inside the country (especially if you are used to some of the well-known chain-brands).

What you will quickly realise and hopefully come to appreciate and embrace, is that food and drink in Italy is not just something to fill you up like fuel which seems to be the case in many other countries such as the UK, but instead a truly fundamental and important part of day to day life.

Traditionally, Italians have embraced the concept of slow eating, healthy, home-cooked food and restaurants and cafes with unique character, serving truly delicious food. Food is not something to be rushed in front of the TV or a decision of convenience over pleasure. Instead, food is something to be savoured and enjoyed with a passion.

What will also become apparent is that Italian cuisine may be most famous for pizza and pasta, but throughout the country, different areas specialise in certain types of food. Pasta is also often enjoyed as a starter to accompany the main meal and must be cooked a certain way (al dente - firm to the bite) to be accepted by many Italians.

Today we introduce you "lagane", one of the most popular dish of Basilicata and Campania, but you can also find it in Calabria and Apulia. A fresh pasta without eggs, pretty thick, traditionally prepared with chickpeas it can also may be served with beans. A simple but tasty recipes you must try! --- Vi presentiamo le lagane, piatto tipico della Basilicata e della Campania, ma le potrete trovare anche in Calabria e in Puglia. Una pasta fresca senza uova, piuttosto spessa, preparata tradizionalmente con I ceci, si può condire anche con i fagioli. Ricette semplici ma gustose assolutamente da provare! --- Special thanks to @foodbasilicata --- Tag your pics with #ilikeitaly #basilicataturistica #foodbasilicata #infoodwetrust #instafoodie #foodiegram #food #foodporn #ifoodit #foodideas #igworldclub_food #italy_Foods #top_food_of_instagram #onmyplate #homemadefood
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Italians enjoy the finer things in life, whether that is food and drink, cars, fashion, architecture or a whole host of other features that pervade and define life in Italy. For someone who is visiting Italy for the first time, this can be almost overwhelming to the senses as sights, sounds and smells will delight and surprise. It is this Italian love and almost demand for beauty in their lives that draws millions of visitors each year.

While many are certainly first-time visitors, there are huge numbers who choose to return often year after year. Indeed, every time you visit Italy you will discover something new, especially if you allow yourself to get a little lost.

Italy is a country with iconic architecture known throughout the world, whether or not someone has visited it or not. This includes structures such as the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the canals of Venice. Of course, these are all absolutely amazing and well worth visiting if you’ve never been there before, but to truly experience the wonder of Italy, you should wander without a particular purpose and just get lost in the moment.

Waterfall in the background

What you will discover are independent cafes selling the most delicious cappuccinos you have ever tasted, restaurants serving authentic food crafted with love and passion and not simply made to cater for tourist taste buds and wallets, churches resplendent with the most exquisite details, museums packed with fascinating finds, and buildings everywhere steeped in history.

You will hear the sing-song sounds of Italians talking often animatedly, smell the delicious aroma of sumptuous foods, and become immersed in a way of life that really epitomises La Dolce Vita (the sweet life).

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It is not only the human element of Italy that is amazing though but the natural landscapes that exist. It is such a diverse destination complete with snowy mountain ranges, rolling fields, gorgeous beaches, giant forests and a huge coastline.

Italy has 24 national parks which are over 1.5 million hectares of protected areas, equal to 5% of the total national terrain, plus many more incredible forest areas across the country. So as well as incredible urban areas to explore, Italy has so much breathtaking natural beauty that you will be left equally in awe, whether you are exploring urban areas or the countryside.

Overall, a vacation to Italy is perfect for just about anyone, every occasion and any time of the year. In Italy you can enjoy a gorgeous beach holiday in the summertime at any number of absolutely beautiful resorts along its extensive coastline, go skiing or snowboarding in the wintertime at the Italian Alps, and of course enjoy the cultural, historical, architectural, and culinary delights during the whole year.

Being a fairly religious and traditional country, you will also be able to experience many stunning carnivals, festivals and events at different times of the year. One of the most celebrated and famous is the Venice carnival an absolutely stunning spectacle because of its unique beauty.

Are you ready for the vibrant final Carnival party in Venice? Don’t forget: if you wear a mask, you’ll need a stylish cloak – a “tabarro”. . See more in the link in bio . --- . Siete già pronti per gli ultimi festeggiamenti del Carnevale di Venezia? Non dimenticate un particolare: se indossate una maschera avrete bisogno anche di un mantello elegante, il tipico tabarro. . Leggi di più nel link della bio . --- . 👉Special thanks to 👑 @marco_grilli_ . --- . 👉Tag your pics with 🌟#ilikeitaly 🌟 . --- . #visitveneto . --- . #venice #carnivalvenice #carnevalevenezia #carnival #italia #italy #igersitalia #whatitalyis #loves_italia #vsco #vscoitaly #yallersitalia #browsingitaly #italytrip #click_italy #discoveritaly #framesofitaly #italy_photolovers #yallersveneto #instagramitalia #volgoitalia #ig_italy #instaitalia #igersitalia #travelgram #beautifulmatters #moodygrams #colorstory
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As you can see, Italy is somewhere that I cannot recommend enough and I hope you able to turn it from a dream destination, into somewhere you see in real life!

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