5 Photos Showing How Beautiful Britain is in the Summer

Britain is known for many brilliant qualities that make it perfect for visitors from all over the world to choose to take their holidays there. This includes amazing architectural feats, a fascinating history to discover, rich cultural traditions, world-class events, stunning cities to wander around such as London or Edinburgh where you can shop ‘till you drop, and polite, welcoming people. 

Despite all these excellent characteristics which make Britain a perfect destination to visit, drawing millions of eager tourists and travellers every single year, there is one slight sticking point: the weather. Let’s just say that, British weather can be a little on the unpredictable side. The winter months are undeniably often quite bleak, with grey, miserable days, and yes it does rain quite a bit! 

On the other hand, Britain is a beautiful place with gorgeous landscapes including forests, lakes, mountains and superb beaches and as mentioned a number of incredible cities. While Britain is great at any time of the year to explore either for foreign visitors or those enjoying a staycation, it is especially beautiful in the summer with long, warm sunny days. 

Here are 5 photos showing how beautiful Britain is in the summer:

Norwich, Norfolk:

White Roses

Pedn Vounder Beach, Cornwall:

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland:


Kirby-le-Soken, Essex:

Sun Setting Over the Fields

As you can tell from these photos, Britain is beautiful and should definitely be on your list of places to visit this summer. Make sure to take lots of photos and surprise your friends by challenging the stereotype that British weather is rain, rain and more rain. Enjoy your Great British vacation or staycation!


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