First Photo Featured on Flickr Explore

I have enjoyed photography from an early age, and been a member of Flickr since 2007. As the site has improved I have begun putting more time and effort into adding my photos. Until about a year ago I was happy if a photo I took got over 100 views and a couple of favourites though.

Since then I´ve had two photos chosen from the #FlickrFriday contest, and one for #TwitterTuesday. I thought these had had a lot of views when they reached over a thousand, but this was nothing compared to being featured on Flickr Explore.

The photo below which I named "Keeping an Eye on Things" has had over 10,250 views and 168 favourites in the two days since I uploaded it, after being featured on Flickr Explore:

Keeping an Eye on Things
Tuesday morning I was up early, and decided to take some photos of my girlfriend, Yariza Martín Key´s cats, as they were playing in the field and the morning light was perfect. I selected the five I liked the best, edited them a little (contrast, brightness) and posted them on Flickr.

The next day I logged on and found out that a photo I took of Bolita sitting in the sun on a wall, had been featured on Flickr Explore. My photo was, therefore, one of 500 that Flickr selects each day to highlight due to the quality or interesting nature of the photo.

Many thanks to Flickr for choosing my photo as one of the photos to feature on Explore two days ago, to everyone that has viewed, favourited and commented on this photo, and last but not least to Bolita for being such a good model!


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