Future Cities Could be Powered by Footsteps Thanks to Pavegen

An exciting new alternative to fossil fuels has been developed by Pavegen, a cleantech company founded in 2009, and headquartered in London. The company has developed floor tiles which convert wasted kinetic energy from peoples´ footsteps, into electricity which can be used to power lighting, signage and communications networks. 

The company mission is to be able to eventually offer these amazing tiles to every community around the world at an affordable cost, and that human footfall will power future cities. Up until this stage, most countries have been almost entirely dependent on the use of fossil fuels to power their ever-growing cities. Not only are these fuel supplies nonrenewable, but they also create vast quantities of pollution. 

Other alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power have failed to live up to expectations or solve the growing problem of powering cities. The power created by Pavegen floor tiles is completely clean and isn´t reliant on environmental factors, and it could be powering cities in the future!

Pavegen Website: https://pavegen.com/


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