5 Amazing YouTubers You Cannot Miss!

It seems these days that everyone is adding videos to YouTube. This could be seen as being quite narcissistic on the one hand, but then again there is an element of narcissism in any form of creativity. Almost anyone who draws, takes photos, or blogs, for example, hopes to show their creations to an audience, who will then hopefully enjoy their work. In this sense, the medium of YouTube is no different from any other form of creativity.

While anyone with a digital camera or phone, and an Internet connection can create YouTube content, not everyone has videos worth watching. To save you the trouble of sifting through endless hours of YouTube videos (easily done), I have compiled a list of 5 Amazing YouTubers You Cannot Miss. 

Of course, these are not the only channels I watch on YouTube but they are certainly some that I believe are consistently the best! These days I very rarely watch TV but if I do watch something it is often these channels as they are far more creative and entertaining. Check them out below:

Casey Neistat:

I have known about Casey Neistat's channel on YouTube for a couple of years now after a friend recommended his videos to me. In my opinion, Casey's content is some of the most consistently creative and entertaining on the net. His work ranges from unique adverts for Nike and Mercedes Benz, to videos with a story and message such as "The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines", to travel style videos, and most recently his daily vlogs.

One of his most popular videos (and one of his best in my opinion) is called "Make it Count" which has close to 16 million views. It is highly inspirational so watch below:

He joined YouTube back on February 15th 2010, and has over 1 million 328 thousand subscribers, with close to 270 million views! This is pretty incredible stuff considering he never studied film making in school or college.

Ben Brown:

I started watching Ben Brown's YouTube channel about a year ago after it was recommended to me after I had watched a Casey Neistat video. Ben is a British vlogger and filmmaker who makes daily vlogs about his travels, and life in South Africa with his girlfriend. While he doesn't have the same quirky creative style that Casey has, his videos are equally as entertaining. It is like tuning into a daily TV show, only it is real life and far more interesting than most of the crap on TV.

Ben is an amazing photographer so often makes vlogs about his "Instagram Missions" with friends. He is also into a lot of extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding, and often travels to amazing locations around the world. He has a lot of friends and seems like a genuinely nice chap, who it would be cool to hang out with.

As well as daily vlogging Ben also has his own clothing line, takes amazing photos, was a two-time kayaking world champion, and makes amazing short films for YouTube. One of his most popular and in my opinion best work is a video called "CANADA - VISUAL VIBES" which has had over 655 thousand views. This is seriously epic and makes me want to go back to Canada every time I see it. You can watch it below:

Ben currently has 428,526 subscribers and close to 57 and a half million views on his channel. Once again he has never had formal film or video production training which just highlights the power of YouTube and a good idea!


If you are looking for epic videos on YouTube, then you should definitely check out Devinsupertramp aka Devin Graham's channel. He shoots some of the most visually stunning and incredible footage that you can find on YouTube. The production values and scale of many of his films put many movies or TV shows you will see to shame. 

For sheer fun and entertainment value, you cannot go wrong with Devin's channel, and he rarely produces a mediocre video let alone bad. Most of his videos focus on epic stunts such as insane rope swings, cliff jumping or zip lining, but he has also produced many other awesome concept videos such as video games in real life and some beautifully shot travel videos. 

Whenever Devin releases a video I always make sure to watch it as it's almost guaranteed to be a lot of fun. I've been subscribed to his channel now for several years now and his videos are still fresh after this time. In fact, he is getting even more creative, and pushing the boundaries of YouTube film-making even further including many videos now shown in 4k resolution! 

Here is Devin's most popular video on YouTube "Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life." It is an epic video that is breath-taking to watch and amazingly shot. It has had over 50 million views and close to 650,000 likes. Check it out below, I'm sure you will be amazed:


Go subscribe to Devin's channel if you love epic, adrenaline-fuelled videos, or beautiful, inspiring travel videos. He definitely does both equally well! He has well over three and a half million subscribers and over 650 million views, so there is a lot of love for his work.


FunForLouis is a fun, funny and highly entertaining series of travel vlogs starring British traveller and vlogger Louis Cole. Louis makes daily vlogs with his friends as he embarks on epic travels around the world. Every week and sometimes every day he is in a new city, country or even continent. He just always seems to be travelling, and vlogging about his adventures along the way. This is a great daily snapshot of what life is like on the road for someone who is dedicated to seeing as many places as possible and having a huge amount of fun along the way. 

In his vlogs, you will see different cultures, foods, locations and totally unique ways of life. This is a truly inspirational series of videos that will definitely make you want to pack your suitcase, grab your passport and book that flight that you keep putting off! There is a whole world out there and Louis will show you it with his vlogs. He has a great sense of humour and seems like a genuinely nice guy to hang out with. 

If you want to get a sample of what Louis packs into his year then check out this video montage he did. What he does in one year is more than a lot of people in a life-time! His series definitely lives up to the name: 


The FunForLouis YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers and over 167 million views. Clearly, people are keen to follow Louis on his fun-filled adventures!


If you are looking for positivity in amongst all the doom and gloom of the Internet, then you should definitely take a look at the DanTheDirector YouTube channel. Dan Mace is a young film-maker from South Africa who loves to promote positivity and change in the world through the creation of inspiring and interesting films. 

He is relatively new to YouTube so doesn't have quite the same following yet as the other guys I have mentioned, but he is definitely making a name for himself. The anticipation for his videos grows with each one he releases. He connects with his fans across social media and also has a large following on Instagram and Twitter. 

Much of what you see on the Internet will focus on the bad things happening in the world, but there is also so much good too. There are huge amounts of people focused on changing things for the better and it is important to remember this, so we don't give up the fight to reduce inequality and suffering everywhere. Dan doesn't produce Vlogs like Louis, Ben or Casey but instead extremely creative and thought-provoking videos which you are sure to like. 

Dan's latest video has been a while in the making but it has been totally worth the wait. It is called "THE SOUND OF SILENCE" and it beautiful to watch:

This video was posted less than a week ago and already has over 40,000 views. If Dan continues to produce films of this quality then his popularity is only set to increase. 


I know you're probably thinking, what that's not five that's six. Well, this is actually just a cheeky plug for my own channel here at the end. I'm not saying my channel is amazing by any stretch of the imagination, and not even in the same league as these other guys. 

All of the channels I've mentioned have inspired me though to get out there are making videos. While I still have a huge amount of room for improvement, I feel they are over time getting better. I have also decided to start making vlogs. You can see my second vlog which I uploaded recently below: 


If you like my video then please subscribe to my channel, I have almost reached 150 subscribers which is cool, and closing in on 5,000 views. I intend to make more of these vlogs as it is both fun and a challenge.

Also if you liked this blog post then please share it and comment below. Thanks guys!


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