How You Can Reach The World Through Blogging

Since I started my blog several years ago, one of the things that have struck me is how incredibly global the reach of my posts have been. Now I'm not saying my blog has reached worldwide fame (yet!), or anything on it has gone particularly viral.

It is just striking to me how diverse the sources of readership of my posts have been. So far my blog has been viewed 8460 times, from 49 posts. It will be really great to hit 10000 views with my 50th post i.e. this one!

10000 is not a massive number of views by any stretch of the imagination, especially when you consider some blogs are getting millions of hits a month. This will still be somewhat of a milestone to me and my blog though, and definitely encourages me to continue! 

Getting back to my readership though, the cool thing about Blogger is you can see exactly which countries your viewers are from and see where your posts are being read. My blog up until this point has been exclusively in English, so it makes sense that over half my readership has been from the US, and in second place the UK. After that though, there have been readers from many non-native English speaking countries. Here are the top countries:
  1. United States       - 5162
  2. United Kingdom  -   871
  3. Spain                    -   419
  4. Russia                  -   320
  5. France                  -   114
  6. Canada                -    100
  7. Germany              -     84
  8. Ireland                  -     62
  9. Switzerland          -     43
  10. Iran                       -     43
Of course, there are many other countries where people have read my blog as well. From this list of top ten, over half of them are non-native English speakers. As the title of this blog post suggests, you can reach a global audience through blogging, and this is all powered by the wonder that is the internet.

While many countries remain almost completely cut off from internet access, and therefore us bloggers, even supposedly closed countries such as Russia and Iran have been checking out my posts. To me this is quite amazing that just through putting together my thoughts in writing, adding some of my photos and videos, and clicking that "Publish" button, I can reach people all over the world that I will almost certainly never meet in my lifetime. 

This is an audience that people of my parent's generation would never have been able to reach when they were my age. The internet has truly revolutionized the way we consume media, but also the way we can share our content with a global audience.

This opens up a world of possibilities, such as a post going viral, and being spread across social media around the globe. Like I said before this has yet to happen for any of my posts, although I'm pleased to have reached 321 views on my top-post!

If you want to reach people the other side of the world, what better way than to start blogging. If you have an idea in your head and you think people would be interested, then all that is stopping you is your own will power. Don't wait, get blogging! 

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