The Magic of the Ocean

There is something magical about the ocean. The constant movement and change, with rolling waves and daily tides, but also always remaining constant. A constant force of nature that cannot be stopped, no matter how much humans would like to.

It is incredible how the movement of our oceans are controlled by the gravitational pull of the moon which is 384,400 km away from Earth. Of course, scientists can explain the exact physics behind this amazing phenomenon, but this doesn't detract in any way from the magic and mystery of the ocean.

If you stand on the beach and look out at this vast body of water before you, it will make you realise how powerful nature is, and how tiny you are in proportion. I like this feeling as it helps me feel grounded. I think it is important because so many of us are engulfed and swept along by the idea that the world revolves around us as individuals, and that our problems and hopes and dreams take centre stage above everything else.

If you look out at the ocean and just watch the waves rolling in and out, your worries can melt away. The past has gone and is unchangeable, no matter how much we may want to, and the future is yet to be written and totally uncertain. The here and now is what matters.

Long after each of us has gone the ocean will continue its endless movement, controlled by a piece of rock circling the earth hundreds of thousands of kilometres away. This may seem a sobering thought, but it is also good because it shows how tiny and insignificant most of our worries really are. It can also focus your mind on what is really important which is living in the moment, and making every moment count. 

The sound of the ocean, the smell of the water, the touch of the waves on your toes. Such simple pleasures, but all so amazing in their own way. While we often seek material things to make us happy, this endless pursuit of excess will generally lead to unhappiness. Simple pleasures of nature like the ocean which are actually magical when you really focus on how incredible it really is, are what now brings me greater satisfaction.

Being at the beach, even just to walk along the shore, is one of my favourite things to do, and it costs nothing but offers so much. Instead of judging everything on how much it costs, why not look at the things that really benefit you. The waves will roll in and take your worries away. 

The ocean is vast, and almost the entirety of its depths unexplored. Humans have only glimpsed a tiny fraction of the amazing life that exists beneath the waves. Yet even before we ever get a chance to see what lies beneath the waves, humanity is wreaking havoc as it so often does. We may not be able to stop the movement of the waves, or the rise and fall of the tides, but unfortunately, our behaviour is destroying ocean life.

One of the beautiful things about the ocean is that there is a whole alien world hidden from our view but co-existing on the same planet. The diversity of life in the ocean is astonishing but is being destroyed by excess and greed. The constant desire for more will actually result in there being much less diversity on Earth with the extinction of thousands of species.

There is still time to change though, and preserve the ocean, so that future generations can enjoy this simple but magical place. 


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